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One-off Series #1

New from Black Bile Press – One-off chapbooks by Virgina Ashberry, Gerald Locklin and David Rose.


Virginia Ashberry has been very active in grass roots lit in Toronto – writing, publishing and broadcasting on community radio. Her fiction bores deeply into contemporary urban life, revealing its bruises, blemishes and unexpected beauty just so.

Gerald Locklin is a small-press legend, having published dozens of books of prose and poetry over the past four decades. A pivotal figure on the California writing scene, Locklin was a good friend of Charles Bukowski. Publishing his work is a terrific launching point for this new series of chapbooks from Black Bile Press.

David Rose is no stranger to readers of Front&Centre where his fiction has appeared many times. Rose is an outstanding writer of variable and visceral short fiction. Nicholas Royle of Time Out London called Rose one of England’s “finest short story writers."

One-off Series #2

New from Black Bile Press – One-off chapbooks by Zsolt Alapi, Mark SaFranko and Mark McCawley

Black Bile Press has done it again, assembling three of the small/micro press world’s most provocative and dynamic writers in this new, second series of single-story chapbooks.

Zsolt Alapi’s chapbook The Swimmer is a bold and powerful story of conflict, sexual violence and surviving in the margins. Montreal’s Alapi is a widely published short story writer. He is also a teacher and editor/publisher of Siren Song Publishing.

Mark SaFranko’s chapbook Iceland blends humour and quiet tragedy in equal parts, as he perfectly examines a contemporary life on the brink of collapse. SaFranko is the author of the internationally acclaimed novels Hating Olivia and Lounge Lizard (both from the UK’s Murder Slim Press). He lives in New Jersey and is a former winner of the Frank O’Connor Award for short fiction.

Mark McCawley’s chapbook Sick Lazy Fuck is a visceral story about unravelling sanity in the wake of a destroyed relationship. But it is also, oddly, about the succour to be found in unusual circumstances. McCawley is a giant of Canadian underground literature, having been editor/publisher of Urban Graffiti and Greensleeve Editions for the past twenty years. He is also an accomplished writer of his own fiction, which he describes as “transgressive and post-realist.”



My Uncle Roy Was A Mob Guy
By Len Gasparini
p. 36, 2006, ISBN 0-9780200-0-6


Len Gasparini shows his flexible might in this collection of biting short fiction. From comical insights into mobster life, to the lustful Jamaican wanderings of a loner seeking a dash of danger, to sudden yearning between strangers stranded by an Italian snowstorm – Gasparini knows humanity is often comprised of equal parts beauty and ugliness. Gasparini is a valuable asset to Canadian literature, a potent antidote to its middling mainstream musings. He is at his best in this succinct collection of visceral short fiction.

“Gasparini’s descriptive skills and psychological insights are repeatedly evident. His dialogue is bracingly candid.”

The Globe and Mail


By Salvatore Difalco
p. 36, 2006, ISBN 0-9780200-1-4

Salvatore Difalco’s fiction is a finely blended mix of toughness, street-smart insights and violence, along with flashes of tenderness and compassion. In the four stories in Outside, he takes readers inside the minds of raging youth, confused, yearning males and various damaged characters teetering on the brink, one small step from either redemption or damnation. This is honest, from-the-gut storytelling told with style and verve.

Nemesis Girls
By Christina Decarie
p. 30, 2005, ISBN 0-9680097-9-4

In Nemisis Girls, Decarie has brought to life a group of lively characters—bewildered and sassy, cynical, smart-assed and ornery. Her women, in partiuclar, are: "I am all that I need tobe and nothing more." Laurie Lewis, Artful Codger Press


Spray Job SOLD OUT
by Harold Hoefle
p. 36, 2003, ISBN 0-9680097-7-8

What's The Danforth Review saying about Spray Job?  Read on.

Spray Job introduces the short fiction of one of Canada's rising literary stars.  Harold Hoefle's fiction achieves the nearly impossible: it seamlessly blends an international flavour devoid of pretence with a clear eye for what's going on around the corner, at the end of the street, or down at the neighbourhood pub in just about any Canadian community.  Hoefle's voice is one that will be heard from again.  Catch his work early as he ascends.

"Hoefle's narrators are modern-day versions of the ancient mariners.  His stories show the persistence of our quest myths.  They are tales of yearning, conflict and adventure."

Michael Bryson, The Danforth Review

F&C Blindin One Eye and Drunk on Cotton CandySOLD OUT
by Matthew Firth
p. 18, 1997, ISBN 0-9680097-3-5

Still in print, this is the author’s second chapbook. His first, Scattered Among the Heathen, is out of print. This collection of six short stories marks the evolution of Firth’s style, from black comedy to subtle dark realism.